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Ever since my childhood, dance & modern ballet have been my passion. In my teenage years, I became interested in sociology & behavioural science. After studying Sociology and Political Science I worked in advertisement and then finance. 


The pandemic was a turning point in my life. At the time, I was expecting my second daughter and feeling burnout from my demanding finance job and teaching Barre classes on the side. However, the lockdown gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life & rediscover my passion for yoga. I decided to leave the finance  job and look for a different way of working with people.


In 2022 I completed my 200hr YTT and started working with private clients who were seeking to build strength & mobility with weights infused Yoga.


In 2024 I discovered Yin Yoga and since then this has been my primary passion & specialization. I teach Yin Yoga to busy individuals who feel stressed, disconnected & overwhelmed. 


I believe Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to a dominant Yangish lifestyle that is filled with constant pushing, rushing, striving for more & better.

My mission is help busy individuals harness the power of Yin Yoga to transition from stress to calm & achieve lasting harmony.

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